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Complex Cloth

Complex Cloth is Dr.Jane McPherson's, associate professor at the School of Social Work, initiative to recognize the history of the School of Social Work building, which once served at the Athens Factory.
Athens Factory was a cotton mill which was made up of enslaved people, children, and woman.
We hope that our project can be used as a space for locals, instructors, and students to use to educate themselves on Athen's extensive history.

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Project Details

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New Website

Website to host hundreds of artifacts and history pieces. Improving accessibility to locals, students, and instructors.

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Artifact Gallery

A photo gallery for the images with corresponding descriptions of history.

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Virtual Tour

An interactive self-guided virtual of the School of Social Work building, which once served as the Athens Factory.

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Educational Videos

Educational videos of instructor explaining key moments and important highlights of the Athens Factory.

Meet the


Suley Rostro

Suley Rostro

Suley is serving as the team project manager. She is a fourth year PR major, Japanese language & literature minor, and NMI ceritficate recipient.
Kelly Gago

Kelly Gago

Kelly Gago is a third year EMST and Film Studies Major serving as the creative director. She is also a NMI certificate recipient.
Young Choi

Young Choi

Young is serving as a co-developer in the team. He is fourth year computer science major and NMI certificate recipient.
Elaine Zhao

Elaine Zhao

Elaine Zhao is a fourth year Computer Science major and NMI certificate recipient. She is one of the co-developers for Complex Cloth.
Charlotte Silverman

Charlotte Silverman

Charlotte Silverman is a serving as the content director. She is a fourth year Public Relations Management major as well as an NMI certificate recipient.

Final Deliverables

Complex Cloth

Remembering and educating others on Athens history.

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