Complex Cloth

Visual Design Guide

Sizing & Fonts


For our fonts, we wanted to use expressive, yet modern fonts. Complex Cloth touches on very serious and sensitive topics, so we hope that the fonts ease people into visiting the website and taking part of the virtual tour.

Image of Bebas Neue font written

Bebas Neue

Image of Bobby Jones font written

Bobby Jones

Image Poppins font written


Brand Colors


When deciding for colors we wanted to keep rustic and muted colors. These colors were inspired by the colors found at The School of Social Work, where Complex Cloth started. The building still has brick from the 19th century and is surrounded by trees and a dam used by the mill. We hope to portray the emotion and history of the building through these colors.

image of dark blue color


image of dark grey color


image of brown/burgendy color


image of lighter brown red color


image of brown orange color


image of beige tan color




With the logos we wanted to incorporate an important artifact, which is a quilt under Complex Cloth's possession. This quilt represents the history that took place in Athens Factory and the workers who once walked in the School of Social Work building. We created a larger logo with the woven quilt and a logo with the 'CC' initials. The horizontal logo can be used to show a more modern look, such as how we have it on the website.

Complex Cloth

Remembering and educating others on Athens history.

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