Embrace the Detours

Traditions Highway

An app that uses geolocation and
notifications to introduce local points of interest
to drivers along Highway 15.

Why does this matter?

App Features


Easily Navigable

This app is easy to use regardless of technological or historical background.


Category Based

Categories make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for during your travels.


Community Approved

The points of interest are relevant and important to the communities histories and the people that live there.

Meet the

Traditions Highway Team

Team Member Name

Alise Crittendon

Copywriter & Co-Project Manager. Has experience with writing, design, digital media, and strong organizational skills.
Team Member Name

Jessie Hoang

Co-Project Manager & Client Contact Lead. Has experience with social media management, and project management. Strong digital marketing and graphic design skills.
Team Member Name

Brandon Banke

Development Lead. Experience with over 10 different programming languages. Strong understanding of networking concepts and database management.
Team Member Name

Sydney Laughlin

Marketing Coordinator & Content Creator. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and social media management. Strong graphic design and digital marketing skills.
Team Member Name

Hallie Turner

Art Director & Content Creator. Has experience with UX/UI design and Adobe Creative Cloud. Strong video, photo, and graphic design skills.
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