Technology to bridge the gap of food insecurity.

Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

In an effort to bring more people in Northeast Georgia access to food, we have taken on a website revamp and data analysis of currently under-served areas in the region.
The combination of both will make it more efficient for the food bank to serve communities in need.
The goal is to make things work better and the ultimate goal is to do it to make our community better.

Let's get specific

Project Details


Data Overhaul

Analyzed current data resources to create a wholistic understanding of the state of food insecurity.


Website Audit

Internal and external review of what is working and what needs to be improved.


Website Update

Based on audit and input, the website has been improved to reflect what is needed from the community.


Data Review and Plan

Based on the data we analyzed and discovered, we detailed a recommendation of action items for the food bank to take.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Maddie Daniel

Maddie is a fourth year journalism major from Athens, Georgia. Maddie is our copyrighter and co-creative lead.
Team Member Name

Megan Peta

Megan is a fourth year public relations major from Lawrenceville, GA. She is the project manager.
Team Member Name

Chase Crawford

Chase is a fourth year applied mathematics major. He is the lead data analyst.
Team Member Name

Leon Greenberg

Leon is a fourth year MIS major from Alpharetta, Georgia. He is the lead developer.
Team Member Name

Ali Brusenhan

Ali is a fourth year EMST major from San Antonio, Texas. She acted as client communicator and co-creative lead.
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