Lights, Camera, Collaborate.

Campus Casting

Fostering collaboration between actor & filmmakers, one project at a time.

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Key Features


User-Friendly Forms

Both actors and filmmakers can seamlessly submit their information via Google forms


Search & Filter Options

Both actors and filmmakers can refine their search criteria to better match their specific preferences and requirements


Actor & Film Catalog

Actors and actresses can explore the film catalog to discover suitable roles, while filmmakers can search for actors to cast in their projects through the actor catalog


FAQ Page

The FAQ page functions as a forum where users can seek advice, solutions, and pose inquiries

Meet the


Sara Blake Tully Headshot

Sara Blake Tully

Sara Blake is a Digital Marketing major and Fashion Merchandising minor acting as our Brand Director. She is responsible for shaping a unique brand voice that extends its influence across various aspects.
Maddi Carson Headshot

Maddi Carson

Maddi is a Public Relations major and Business minor. She is the Content Writer, Presenter, and Public Speaker, crafting compelling and engaging written content.
Kayla Freeman Headshot

Kayla Freeman

Kayla is an Advertising major with a minor in Design and Media who is our Research and Marketing Strategist. She is responsible for leading research on user experience and designing marketing strategies that will best communicate our product.
Morgan Jones Headshot

Morgan Jones

Morgan is a Public Relations major and Sociology minor bearing the title of Project Manager and Research Strategist. She faciliates communication between the client and our team while aiding in discovering strategies that increase user's experience on the platform.
Angela Jeyachandran Headshot

Angela Jeyachandran

Angela is a Computer Science major and our Website Designer. She is in charge of taking the lead in creating our website, ensuring its seamless integration of captivating design and reliable performance.

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