Ogimi Labs

an iOS app that creates a space for individuals to actively engage with their mental fitness.

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Ogimi Labs

Project Details


High Usability

Easy to learn and use.


Personalized Meditation

More personalized meditation with an AI generated script.


Visualized Status

View your progress with the roadmap.


Daily Meditation

Build a habit with the streak feature.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Kendall Pratt

Media producer: leading production on the promotional trailer for our project.
Team Member Name

Aryanna Brown

Project Manager: responsible for the timeline and general planning of the project.
Team Member Name

Natalie Roberson

Graphic Designer: responsible for designing the user interface and other graphics needed for the app.
Team Member Name

Nicholas Kreitz

Developer: responsible for producing the working version of the app.
leading the stage presentation.
Team Member Name

Yerim Roh

Developer: responsible for the backend side of the app; setting up the database and connecting it to the application.
Team Member Name

Team Ogimi

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