Back where it all began.

Glory Days: Before the Hedges

An immersive experience using augmented reality on a users mobile device to reenact the first football game between the University of Georgia Varsities and the Mercer Baptists which took place on January 30th in 1892.

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Project Details

Our team was challenged to create a historical simulation of gameplay from the first University of Georgia football game. Using our extensive research on the history of the University of Georgia and its football program, we were able to design and build an augmented reality application that immerses users into the past. Each of these items were created with newly designed logos, fonts, and colors to create a cohesive and recognizable Glory Days: Before the Hedges brand.


Historically Accurate Costuming and Gameplay

View simulated gameplay with accurate costuming and timely fan conversations.


Informational Pop-Up Bubbles

Enjoy informational pop-up bubbles that explain the historical significance behind ongoing events.


Open a Window to the Past

Open the application on Herty Field to transport yourself to the past and see how the first University of Georgia football game happened.


User-friendly Experience

Our application is easy to navigate, with interactive features and organized historical information.

Meet the



Jason Woodworth-Hou

Lead Developer
Jason Woodworth-Hou is a PhD. student in performance studies with an emphasis on historical reenactments through augmented reality. Post-dissertation Jason plans to pursue a career in academia around dramatic media while running a side business in augmented reality historical recreations.

Camille Hensley

Website and App Developer
Camille Hensley is a 4th year computer science major with a certificate in New Media. Post graduation, she plans to be a software engineer at a tech company.

Garrett Tyler

Tech and Video Director
Garrett Tyler is a senior Film Studies major with a certificate in New Media. Post-graduation, he plans on pursuing a job in the film industry as a set designer.
Mary Cameron

Mary Cameron Selle

Mary Cameron Selle is a senior marketing major with a certificate in New Media. Post-graduation, she plans to work in digital marketing.

Halleigh Woods

Content Writer
Halleigh Woods is a senior public relations major with a certificate in New Media and minor in women's studies. Post-graduation, she is aiming to work with a public relations agency or for a non-profit organization.
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Back where it all began.

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