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Helping students and families find scholarships, grants, and loans efficiently,
AIDVISOR makes accessing financial aid resources easy.
With AIDVISOR, you'll always find scholarships you qualify for, hassle-free!

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Our Mission

To empower students and families by offering comprehensive and personalized assistance in navigating scholarly financial options effectively to facilitate the achievement of personal educational goals.


Our Vision

To be the leading provider of innovative AI-driven solutions to alleviate the stress of navigating financial aid resources, empowering individuals to pursue higher education without financial barriers.


Our Values

Empowerment, Accessibility, Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration


Our Strategy

By harnessing the power of Generative AI, we aim to create comprehensive and personalized assistance tools that enhance accessibility to scholarly financial options.

Meet the


Team Member Name

LaDania Dean • Integrated Creative Director

LaDania Dean, Integrated Creative Director, excels in graphic design, UI/UX for Generative AI websites, and social media management. Committed to innovation and technology, she delivers impactful solutions.
Major: Advertising • Minor: Communications
Team Member Name

Erin Diehl • Communications Liason

Erin Diehl, Communications Liaison, leverages journalism expertise to craft and edit project content. Skilled in research, writing, and collaboration, she ensures effective communication and cohesive project execution.
Major: Journalism • Minor: International Affairs
Team Member Name

Anna Head • Creative Marketing Manager

Anna Head, Creative Marketing Manager, brings design and content marketing expertise to the project. Leading in graphic and web design, she offers organizational and leadership skills for effective project planning.
Major: Advertising • Minor: Sociology
Team Member Name

Grace Maneein • Research Innovation Specialist

Grace Maneein, Research Innovation Specialist, leads research initiatives and manages the documentation website. With a marketing major and expertise in business analytics, she excels in creative graphics and UI/UX design.
Major: Marketing • Minor: Chinese Lang & Lit
Team Member Name

Chaz Merritt • Lead Software Engineer

Chaz Merritt, Lead Software Engineer, combines expertise in cognitive science, computer science, and applied data science to lead technical tasks in data science and AI. Passionate about integrating OpenAI API with web frameworks for ML apps.
Major: Cognitive Science • Minor: Computer Science
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