Play Your Way to Wealth, One Blueprint at a Time.

Budgets to Blueprints

Transforming financial education for students and young adults,
blending the power of immersive storytelling and gaming


Project Details



An interactive learning resource teaching young adults a range of essential financial topics

Hand with coins


A gamified approach that merges trivia challenges with a choose-your-own-path home building storyline


Financial Literacy

Empowering our audience to make informed and responsible financial decisions

Paintbrush and palette


A fresh look and reliable tone to make learning accessible and engaging

Meet the


Catherine Tran

Catherine Tran

Researcher, Developer, Designer
Catherine recently graduated from UGA in May of 2023 with a BBA in Digital Marketing and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Emerging Media. Upon graduating in May, she hopes to work in digital marketing.
Heaven Robinson

Heaven Robinson

Designer, Developer, Researcher
Heaven graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising with minors in Design & Media and Studio Art in December of 2022. She is currently pursuing her Emerging Media Masters through the Double Dawgs program. She plans to work in UI and graphic design in the advertising industry upon graduating in May 2024.
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