Compete for the mascot crown in the ultimate game for football fans!

A competitive four-player game themed around college football!
Take control of your own team mascot and upgrade them with traits, abilities, and other aspects!
Prototyped in Tabletop Simulator, a program made for board games.

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Battle Mascots

Project Details

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Competitive Spirit

Up to four players can duke it out in a battle for the last mascot standing.

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Unique Gameplay

Board and card game mechanics are blended together into a chaotic race to the top.

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Endlessly Replayable

Over a hundred items, abilities and traits make for a highly varied game that changes every session.

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Energetic Theming

Bond over a beloved American past-time and bring hours of fun to parties and families alike.

Meet the


Kylie Sengpiel

Kylie Sengpiel

Kylie is an Emerging Media student with a particular interest in game design. She is spearheading this solo effort.
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