Ensuring your old items are being rehomed and loved.

Our app that allows users to find an appropriate nonprofit to donate.
We aim to bridge the gap on communication. We're here to help our local nonprofits connect to their community.

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Nonprofit Community Page

Nonprofits are able to connect and keep their community up to date with what their organization needs. The organizatoin can submit a post for the community page and it will be on the homescreen waiting for users to see it!


A.I. Image Recognition

By automating the image recognition process, FAWN is easy to navigate for even the least tech savvy person. Eventually, FAWN could even get to the point where it can recognize an item’s color and condition, making research nonprofit organizations a breeze.


Curates A List of Nonprofits that Accept Your Donations

Our technology helps you find what organizations are accepting certain items and informs users how to donate the items. We eliminate all the pesky research for you!

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Sena Dogan

Project Manager
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Matthew Gayle

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Danielle Hodges

UX Researcher and Designer
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Nicole Norvell

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Mia Romans

Head of Design
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Shea Tipton

New Media Institute

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