Morris Technologies

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Morris Technologies is creating new and innovative solutions for the enhancement of peak athletic performance through the Morris Boot and their other products.
Morris Technologies wanted to incorporate those ideas into an updated website and photography and video package.

Our Goals

Project Details


Updated Website

Using Wordpress, we built a new and updated website for Morris Technologies that had a more modern and fresh feel.


Photo and Video Deliverables

Utilizing our skills in Photo and Video creation, we created photos and videos for use on Morris Technologies social media accounts and for future promotional use.


Social Media Planning

We outlined a social media plan for the company to help them expand their avenues of media and promotion to promote brand growth and awareness.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Carly Feinstein

Project Manager & Content Writer
Team Member Name

Audrie Uphues

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Team Member Name

Audrey Kaszonyi

Video Production and Web Dev
Team Member Name

Allison Lee

Media Director and Creative Specialist
Team Member Name

Jacob Catibog

Researcher & Creative Director
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