Your Life, Our League.

L.I.F.E League

A game blending reality, fantasy, and education
to prepare kids for college sports recruiting.

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Project Details


Interactive Video Game

Designed to guide young athletes through the journey of pursuing a career in sports, specifically basketball.


Blend of Game and Real Life

Be able to input performance data for each athlete. Have engaging interactions with virtual recruiters, coaches, and agents.


Educational and Fun

Provide Progress tracking for each athlete. Develop skills in leadership and career development.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Sarah Fredrickson

Producer and Video Director

In my role, I will focus primarily on keeping organization and communication clear in the group and between the client. I will also be helping with any presentation piece including the trailer. I will help with any research and branding for the client making sure their message will come through the way they wish. I will also help any others with their work and be an assistant to whatever is needed and help ith content writing.
Team Member Name

Johnny Goulbourne

Research and Development

As R&D lead, I will oversee the majority of the technical aspects of the project. I’ll be responsible for documentation, project planning, and overall implementation. In addition, I will be responsible for conducting extensive research in order to produce an optimal, well designed application. I will do what I can for my team and the project. Whether that means adopting an unfamiliar technology or changing priorities, the job will get done.
Team Member Name

Sabria Freeman

Content & Creative Director + Presenter

As the content/creative director and presenter I will be working with Sarah to present our findings, as well as coming up with a creative way to design our booth for SLAM. Furthermore, I will be using my marketing skills to create compelling promotional materials and strategies that effectively convey our message and attract a larger audience to our booth at SLAM.
Team Member Name

Ruixing Zhang

Website Design and R&D support

As someone who has some experience in a variety of fields and is curious to learn new skills, working closely with Gloria and Johnny would enable the team to produce great results. In addition, equipped with a technical background, I can bridge the gap between creative ideas and practical implementation, ensuring that our projects are not only innovative but also feasible and efficient.
Team Member Name

Gloria Aquino

Website Design Director

As the director of website design, it is my responsibility to manage the website for the project. I will be working with Johnny and Ru on managing the website and anything related to technology. As well as working with Sarah and Sabria with all the content. Overall, I will make sure all design related material is cohesive and consistent with the website. I can quickly adapt to any changes and am willing to learn new skills.

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