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Team Member Name

Iris Xiao

Iris Xiao is a senior student majoring in Entertainment and Media Study and also pursuing the New Media Certificate. I am the Product Manager for Dairy Market. My main task is doing UX map and front-end coding.
Team Member Name

Macy Adams

Macy Adams is a fourth-year Management Information Systems major with certificates in Personal and Organizational Leadership and New Media. She works on as our team's Technology and Business Consultant.
Team Member Name

Katie Tucker

Katie Tucker is a fourth-year journalism major with a minor in international affairs and is pursuing the new media certificate. She worked as the communications manager for Dairy market, where she organized checkpoint presentations and SLAM materials.
Team Member Name

Victoria Eymard

Victoria Eymard is a graduate student earning an MA in Journalism, as well as the graduate New media Certificate. Victoria served as the project manager for Dairy Market.
Team Member Name

Aniyah Norman

Aniyah Norman is a fourth-year Computer Science major with a minor in Chinese literature and Language during pursuing the New Media Certificate. She is the Technology Director of Dairy Market, where she develops the technical architecture of the iOS app.
Team Member Name

Gigi Fulbright

Gigi Fulbright is a fourth year Computer Science major. In this project she assisted with App development and troubleshooting.
Team Member Name

Morgan Quinn

Morgan Quinn is a journalism major completing my certificate in new media. As the team’s creative director, she oversee all visual design elements and work to maintain a cohesive brand image from our app design to our web platform.
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