Your Virtual Campus Adventure Awaits!


RoblUGA is a virtual campus tour on the Roblox platform for potential University of Georgia students, offering an engaging way to explore the university's landmarks, traditions, and community. This innovative approach to college recruitment helps foster connections and pride among future Bulldogs, revolutionizing the UGA experience.


Project Specifics


Interaction with Campus Traditions

Campus customs developed since the university's founding in 1785 make it distinctive, and we must uphold them for future generations.


Gather Campus Swag

Visitors can be rewarded for exploring the site by being given digital objects, such as school logo hoodies. This is a terrific method to encourage people to explore the campus.


Campus Landmarks and Buildings

RoblUGA will feature models of UGA's key landmarks and structures, such as the Chapel Bell, Old College, and Herty Field fountain, for an authentic campus experience.


Interact with Other Potential Students

Interacting with prospective and current UGA community members enhances virtual campus tours, fostering a sense of belonging and valuable insights exchange.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Ryan Fernandez

Creative Director
With almost 20 years in architectural visualization, Ryan demonstrates expertise in contemporary architectural and landscape graphics, animation, and digital content, highlighting exceptional skill.
Team Member Name

Virtual Me

Design Lead
A cheerful individual who wanders about the campus looking for hidden swag or trying out the newest features. The most well-known player character in Roblox, he is more well known by the nickname Bacon Hair.
Team Member Name


Design Assistant
A non-player character (NPC) is a video game character that is controlled by the game's artificial intelligence (AI) rather than by a gamer. NPC's can be customized to perform custom tasks.
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