All Dawgs go to the Metaverse.


A Roblox enabled virtual campus tour based on the famed North Campus was created as an online recruiting tool for the University of Georgia.
University tours, making new friends, and buying college merchandise are all possible on the virtual campus.
Come learn more about the University of Georgia's digital twin.


Project Specifics


Interaction with Campus Traditions

Since 1785, when the university first opened its doors, various customs have developed on campus. These traditions are what make our institution unique and what we must preserve for future Bulldogs.


Gather Campus Swag

Visitors can be rewarded for exploring the site by being given digital objects, such as school logo hoodies. This is a terrific method to encourage people to explore the campus.


Garner Campus Icon Information

The history of a location is what distinguishes it from every other location in the world. The University of Georgia has a long history, and displaying its historic sites in our virtual environment helps us feel more connected to the university's past.


Interact with Other Potential Students

Every other college student on this campus has been in your position before. When you are in the game, talk to students you come across and ask them questions about the classes they take, the teachers they like, the university policies, and the social scene.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Ryan Fernandez

Creative Director
Ryan has nearly twenty years of experience in architectural visualization and provides state-of-the-art expertise in modern architectural and landscape architectural graphics, animation, and digital content creation.
Team Member Name

Virtual Me

Design Lead
A cheerful individual who wanders about the campus looking for hidden swag or trying out the newest features. The most well-known player character in Roblox, he is more well known by the nickname Bacon Hair.
Team Member Name


Design Assistant
A non-player character (NPC) is a video game character that is controlled by the game's artificial intelligence (AI) rather than by a gamer.
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