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Royal Change

Owned by fitness influencer, Sydney Houdyshell, Royal Change offers a wide variety of fitness apparel and equipment, including a paid subscription to a private community called the Sydney Squad. Explore products today that will help kickstart your journey in creating changes to make you feel like royalty.

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Project Details


Our team built an entirely new Royal Change website from the ground up. Our client knew it was time to say goodbye to their original Weebly website created 4 years ago, so we developed the new site on WordPress with fully functional plugins and a new organizational structure.

Design System

We developed a fully fleshed out design system for our client. It includes logos, a new color scheme, and many examples of uniform UI components that will help create a cohesive brand throughout Royal Change products.

Member Portal

With their growing membership service called the Sydney Squad, it was our job to find a new way to make Squad benefits more accessible. We created an online member portal that houses every paid benefit directly on the Royal Change website.

Meet our Client

Sydney and Dustin Houdyshell

Royal Change Co-Owners

Sydney and Dustin have been running
Royal Change together since 2017.

YouTube Channel

They have a fitness channel with over one million
subscribers and 1000+ workout videos.

Their Mission

To provide the world with free,
high-quality fitness.

Picture of our clients, Sydney and Dustin Houdyshell
Royal Change

Happy, healthy, strong.

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