A New Take on Collegiate Athletics Recruiting

The Georgia Gymnastics Recruiting Website

The world of collegiate athletics recruiting is an overwhelming place.
My Capstone project, GloryGloryGoDawgs.com seeks to change this by simplifying the recruiting process for my client, the UGA Gymnastics staff.

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Changing the Collegiate Athletics Recruiting Space

The Plan


We want this product to make the recruiting process easier for the student athletes, their families and the coaching staff.


We want this product to streamline the communication process between the Georgia Gymnastics program and recruits.


We want this product to help the University of Georgia Gymnastics program stand out amongst their competiton.

Create change

Our hope is that this product can create change and make the world of college athletics recruiting a little friendlier to all involved.

Meet the


Jack Ozmer

Jack Ozmer

Hi y'all! I am an Emerging Media Graduate student graduating ina few weeks (May of 2023). I am excited to showcase all the hardwork I have done so far.
Source Files

The Product

Since my product is a Wordpress site, there really arent many source files to show that being said I would love if y'all went and checked out the page below. GloryGloryGoDawgs.com