Branding 101: Geek Out With Me

The podcast for the modern day entrepreneur.

Whether you want to learn how to effectively use technology to make your brand more accessible online or if you're starting a brand from scratch, this is the perfect podcast for you.

Branding 101: Geek Out With Me provides its listeners with real emerging media solutions that help their brands excel.

Topics include: brand strategy, social media, project management, UX and UI, design principles, and digital brand presence.

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Branding 101: Geek Out With Me

Project Features

The Podcast

Branding 101: Geek Out With Me is first and foremost a podcast. I started Branding 101: Geek Out With Me with the intention of it becoming both a strategic tool and a form of entertainment for the modern day entrepreneur.

The Blog

In addition to the podcast, I also have a blog that lives on a branded website. This blog provides more information to my listeners, taking a deeper dive into each episode topic.

The Website

I created a branded website as part of my Capstone project to house all of my project features. The website is where you will find my blog, where you can listen to the podcast and where you can view my merch shop.

The Shop

The merchandise Shop lives on my branded website. Here you can find Branding 101 gear: a sweat set, beanie, tshirt, etc.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Chase Elser

My name is Chase Elser and I am a Master’s student at the University of Georgia. As a podcast host, I leverage my own experiences, my research skills and the knowledge gained from my graduate program studies to dive deep into sectors of branding and small-business cultivation that interest me.

Outside of Branding 101 – I have a small art business that I manage through social media and my own website. I have always been interested in content creation, creative advertising and brand storytelling, which I hope to explore more throughout my graduate studies.

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