Connecting Children with Nature

Wild Earth Camp

Wild Earth Camp is a summer camp in Athens, Georgia with the mission to connect children to the natural environment through exploration and play. They learn about the surrounding environment while participating in outdoor activities, games, and crafts.

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Project Details

Our team has created a website for Wild Earth Camp that will serve not only as a database for the Camp, but also as a community resource. Previously, they only had a web page on Piedmont Preserve’s site. They plan to expand the camp, so they needed their own website. By having their own website, it will help the camp with recruiting new counselors and campers, as well as catch the eye of potential donors. The website will also serve as a resource and promotional tool for Wild Earth Camp. This website launch is part of a larger plan to make the camp a year-round event and community resource.


Exclusive Website

Built a standalone website exclusively for the camp and its resources.


Streamlined Registration

Simplified the camp registration process for parents.


Camp and Community

Made camp and volunteer events more accessible to the community.


Social Media

Created a social media to increase community presence and interactivity.

Meet the


Savannah Smith

Savanna Smith

Savanna is a fourth-year entertainment and media studies major. She serves as the project manager and client liason.
Rylie Geraci

Rylie Geraci

Rylie is a fourth-year public relations major. She serves as the copyright director and one of the team's main researchers.
Stephanie Lopez

Stephanie Lopez

Stephanie is a fourth-year advertisement and public relations major. She serves as the team's visual and branding director.
Jenna Gold

Jenna Gold

Jenna is a fourth-year psychology and cognitive science major. She serves as the team's research director.
Spence Johnstone

Spence Johnstone

Spence is a fourth-year entertainment and media major. She serves as the team's technical lead.

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