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Historic Clothing and Textile Collection

We are creating a new, no-code WordPress website where faculty, students, and the general public can access the fashion pieces that are currently in storage at the Special Collections Library.

The brand new and improved website

Project Details


Built from the ground up

The last site was built using Python which made it difficult for our client to update the site, so we made the switch to WordPress.


Now for Mobile Devices

Because we switched to building the site on WordPress, it's more responsive for more devices.


Updated User Experience

Our website no longer takes longer times to load and the photos of the collection are of higher resolution.


Organized Closet

The collections and exhibits are in chronological order with updated tags and descriptions.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Trent Barron - Client Coordinator & Presentation Director

Trent Barron is a fourth year from Fort Worth, Texas. He is a Cognitive Science major and minoring in Business. He is currently pursuing the Entrepreneursip Certificate and the New Media Certificate.
Team Member Name

Hyemi Byun - Lead Website Director

Hyemi Byun is a fourth year from Newnan, Georgia. She is a Computer Science major and minoring in Cognitive Science. She is also pursuing a certificate in New Media.
Team Member Name

Maggie Ivy - Creative Director

Maggie Ivy is a fourth year undergraduate student from Athens, Georgia. She is currently pursuing a major in Entertainment and Media Studies and minors in Film and Women’s Studies as well as a certificate in New Media.
Team Member Name

Tara Parsa - Project Manager

Tara Parsa is a fourth-year from Johns Creek, Georgia. She is double-majoring in Entertainment & Media Studies and Management Information Systems and minoring in Spanish as well as pursuing a certificate in New Media.
Team Member Name

Anna Rayford - Writer & Producer

Anna Rayford is a fourth-year year Journalism major from Lithonia, GA. She is minoring in Design and Media while also pursuing a certificate in New Media.
Easy and Fast

See the collection in the click of a button.

Choose an Exhibit

From the 1800s to the 1980s,
there is a time period of clothes you can view.

Get to know the clothes

Each item on our site has a description of the material
and some have the history of where they came from.

"Feel" the Clothes"

Get up close and personal with the clothes
by zooming into them.

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