GymDogs Experience 3.0

Let's Flip Out for Filters!

Social Media filters designed to enhance fan engagement and recruiting efforts for the UGA Gymdogs.


Project Details


AR filters

Immerse yourself in cheering on the Gymdogs with the AR filters.



Anyone can feel like a Gymdog.


Fan Base

Enhance your Gymdogs experience from anywhere in the world.


UGA Pride

Glory! Glory! Cheer on the Gymdogs throughout the season.

Meet the


Jackson 's Headshot

Jackson Collier

Jackson Collier is a Digital Marketing major from Marietta, GA pursuing the New Media Certificate. He has a passion for graphic design and branding, specifically in sports, having worked with both Georgia Football and the PGA Tour. Additionally, he has his own freelance design company and helps clients with their design and social media needs! He serves as the Creative Lead for this project, conveying the excitement of Gymdogs Experience 3.0 through captivating visuals.
Diana's Headshot

Diana Hoang

Diana Hoang is a Public Relations Major pursuing a New Media Certificate. Her role on the team is a project manager as she understands everyone’s role and continues to ensure a forward progression status. After graduation, Diana plans to work in an agency as a public relations specialists for crisis management.
Darcey 's Headshot.

Darcey Najim

Darcey Najim is a Digital Marketing Major pursuing the New Media Certificate from Johns Creek, GA. Her role on the team is the content coordinator and has led the written deliverables throughout this project. After graduation, Darcey wants to work in digital marketing or go into social media management.
Spencer's Headshot

Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith is a senior Management Information Systems Major with a pursuit of the New Media Certificate. My role on the team is based in 3D design, 3D management, and analyzing user relations to filter creatives. Using innovative softwares our team hopes to bring new recruits and improve fan experience in the upcoming 2023 season.
Julianne 's Headshot

Julianne White

Julianne White is a Marketing Major pursuing the New Media Certificate. She is from Kennesaw, GA and is a part of the UGA Dance Dawgs team. Her role on the team is the communications coordinator where she schedules meetings with the client and assists the team with deliverables. Julianne will be working with Eli Lilly as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep after graduation.
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