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Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

Visual Design Guide

Logos and Icons

The main logo and icon was created in collaboration with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. The central focus is a two-part peach visual; one half is orange and the other half is blue. The rest of the logo elements are green, including the leaf on top of the peach, two wheat visuals on each side of the peach, and the ground below the peach. The peach is meant to represent Georgia, the peach state, since Georgia is the state targeted by the FBNEGA to provide hunger relief efforts.


The chosen fonts, Montserrat and Raleway, are smooth, clean, and clearly legible. These sans-serif fonts are easy to read and feel welcoming at first glance. It is vital to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia that anyone can easily read their website and logo because they want to serve as many people as they can.


There are three primary colors for the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia’s brand identity: orange, blue, and green. The orange provides a vibrancy and excitement to the brand while the darker blue provides balances and calm. The green color is key for this brand as it represents food and a feeling of freshness for the produce that the Food Bank offers to Georgia residents.

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