Get in Cync with Your Community: The Local Chamber at Your Fingertips

The Cync app serves to support the initiatives of the local Chamber of Commerce in their efforts to create an environment in which local businesses can prosper.
Cync synchronizes the goals of the chamber of commerce by creating accessibility right at the users' fingertips. Cync is a tool for chambers and residents to help stimulate growth in the local economy, increase community involvement, and raise awareness for the chamber and businesses alike.
The Cync App caters to three main audiences: residents, small businesses, and county residents or vendors. Cync includes a network-centric design with features that help foster community.

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Cync: How It Works

Project Highlights


Go Local

The Go Local feature of Cync is designed to boost community involvement as it highlights local restaurants, venues, caterers, and more!



The Attractions feature is filled with all of the “Must See” hotspots the county has to offer, complete with fun filled locations suitable for the whole family!


Local Events

The Events feature highlights all of the exciting and upcoming events in the area complete with a map feature to ensure users are able to find their way.



We deliver a customized calendar, map, and star rating feature to provide assistance. Cync also provides users with a contact form to get in contact with the Chamber.

Meet the

Cync Team

Kathryn Patterson

UX Designer and Developer

Meet Kathryn Patterson

Kathryn has contributed a unique skillset to many phases of the Capstone journey. She utilized her skillset to incorporate tech solutions, assist with user experience, and provide the team with a newfound skillset within the realm of technology.
Natasha Busie

UX/UI Design and Dev

About Natasha Busie

Tasha has fulfilled many roles along our capstone journey, from Cync ideation, concept development, research, product development, design, branding, partner collaboration, user testing, and dev.
Belle Jones

Graphic Designer

Meet Belle Jones

Belle worked on several aspects of our capstone journey, from brainstorming, logo design, branding, research, and assisting with app development. Belle is looking forward to utilizing her newfound knowledge in her desired field.
How to Use the App: Quick and Simple Tech Simulation

Explore Your Area in 4 Easy Steps:

Choose Destination

Choose your favorite place
and leave a 1-5 star review rating.

Map it

After researching your perfect spot,
find the location of your local event or hotspot

Set Up Events on Your Calendar

Pick an event or hotspot
mark it on your iOS calendar!

Leave a star rating to mark your favorites

Lastly, after you pick a destination
leave a star rating 1-5.

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