A simplified guide for creators and collectors.

As the rise of BitCoin and the digital realm continues to expand, NFTs -- or Non-Fungible Tokens -- have become the latest and greatest artistic currency in the age of the Internet. Due to its relatively new development, many individuals often find themselves confused, asking:

What are NFT’s?
Why are they so popular?
And how do they benefit me?

As an open source, module-based educational guide, 123NFT teaches the basics of NFT development and application from start to finish. The goal is simple: build confidence in creation, provide tools for understanding, and bridge the gap to learning for aspiring creatives and collectors in the NFT marketplace.

Project Offerings

Key Features


Interactive Practice

123NFT helps users by giving them a chance to practice as they learn.


Original Content

123NFT provides its users with hours of content that has been curated and vetted.


Progress Tracking

123NFT allows their users to keep track of their progress so they do not have to.



123NFT provides its own 123NFT Certification upon completion of the course.

Meet the Team

123NFT Creators

Shaolynn Betts

Shaolynn Betts

Shaolynn is an Emerging Media Masters student and one of the lead developers and co-creators of 123NFT. Having graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Advertising a minor in Graphics,and a certificate in New Media, Shaolynn continues to explore her artistic skills by experimenting with both modern and traditional mediums, developing a particular interest in digital manipulation, front-end web development, and UX/UI design. Using previous experience with Bootstrap, WordPress, HTML, and CSS as well as wireframing tools and the Adobe Creative Suite, Shaolynn values the ability to effectively communicate information in a visually compelling format, maintaining the importance of easy – to – navigate content at the forefront of her approach to design.
Naa Dedei Martins

Naa Dedei Martins

As a graduate student in the Emerging Media Masters program, Naa Dedei excels in her role as a lead content designer and co-creator of 123NFT. Having majored in Entertainment Media Studies at the University of Georgia and with a minor in Communication, Naa Dedei pushes herself to use her multimedia skills in a simple and powerful way, specializing in video production and editing, front-end web development, script writing, photography, graphic design, and more. As a communicator and artist, she strives to bring impactful and well-structured style to all of her work while opening herself up to new experiences and the beauty of the world around her.
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