Visual Design Guide

The following style guide provides an outline for content presentation both on our website and throughout our virtual reality application. While creating our brand, we considered appropriate fonts and colors for web and virtual reality


The typography appears in the text throughout Xperience Room as well as the website. Minimal text in the application is used as virtual reality places an emphasis on visual impact. Fonts will primarily be used for the website.


When creating the color palette for our brand, we wanted to combine a modern and technological theme with cooler toned colors. These shades will allow for a unified brand and will primarily be used for the website and promotional materials.











For our main logo, we wanted to combine the visual interest of 3D shapes as our application highlights immersion in virtual reality. We made use of an open cube to represent the room and the letter “X” floating inside. The colors featured in our logo are utilized throughout our website and loading screen.
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