Visual Design Guide


The app focuses on guide dog training through the Apple Watch interface. To portray this visually, we designed the logo to incorporate a dog, designed after the guide dog, Rudy, who is in our group, and a watch face, for the implication that it is meant for a watch application. The dog is designed to be wearing a vest, with implied lines for its harness and the cross to indicate the universal emergency vests. The line work is clear and precise. Our goal is for this logo to give people an idea off the bat of what this app’s intended purpose is from a series of icons.


Our icons were individually designed to aid the user in a smooth interaction with the app and its purpose. The icons on the previous page will appear as the user trains their pup. In total, there are 14 training options as of right now. They consist of basic training like: sit, stay, and down. They also consist of guide dog/advanced-based training like: under, touch, and heel. The icons to the left are a sample of “reward” icons. These will appear as an incentive to continue training. Once your pup completes certaining trainings, levels, repetitions, etc. a badge will appear! While the dog gets a treat, this is yours! Stay motivated!


The fonts we chose, Roboto and Arial, are legible, smooth, polished sans serifs that set a welcoming and universal tone, allowing any and all who cross paths with our app/website to feel at ease. Roboto comes in as our dual display/text font with its geometric forms, friendly features, and open curves, making it our main font. This dynamic font makes for a natural reading rhythm typically font in humanist and serif typefaces. Arial, chosen as well for its versatility, is a more common default text that pairs nicely with its humanistic characterized side-kick, Roboto.


When choosing our color palette it was important to us that our colors were safe for visually impaired humans. When researching color options we questioned why GDF uses their yellow vests and we found that bright, solid colors like red, orange and yellow that reflect light better and light objects against darker backgrounds were easier to see. This is the reason that traffic cones are orange and lines on the street are yellow. Yellow is also a color that dogs can see which is how they know their working vest apart from other clothing.

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