Not Your Grandma's Greeting Card.


Turn a sentiment into a statement with LiVE CARDS.
By combining the exciting visuals of AR with the ease of App Clips, LiVE CARDS maintain the simplicity of a greeting card while adding a new, exciting visual experience. Simply scan the code in the card, and the experience will unfold before your eyes. No App required.

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What is

Our Project

Our task was to create a worthwhile experience using AR and App Clips.
The end result was LiVE CARDS - greeting cards, made more exciting. With LiVE CARDS, we're transforming a cute piece of paper into an experience worth holding on to.

An AR Experience

Add some pop into your special occasions with a 3-D experience.


Simple to Use

To use, all you need to do is scan the code inside the card and accept the App Clip prompt.


No App Required

As long as you have an iPhone iOS 14.5+ enabled, all you need to scan a code is your camera app.


New Card, Same Charm

Our cards are designed with a bright, lively style that’s sure to bring a smile, even without the iPhone.

Meet the


Colin Bergen

Colin Bergen

Team Manager and Content Creator

Colin Bergen is an EMST and English major at UGA. As the project manager and primary content creator, he is responsible for the project's direction, research, and text/video communications.

Jeff Kelsch

Jeff Kelsch

Lead AR-iOS Developer

Jeff Kelsch is a MIS major with a CS minor at UGA. As the Lead AR-iOS Developer, he is responsible for creating the Swift project code in Xcode and managing the technical aspects of the LiVE CARDs project.

Melissa Hermes

Melissa Hermes

Lead Art and UX designer

Melissa Hermes is a a Cognitive Science major at UGA. Her role in this project is to create visual assets for LiVE CARDS. This involves the construction of all logos and marketing materials as well as ensuring a visually consistent project.

Lizzie Wamsley

Lizzie Wamsley

PR Manager and Marketing Head

Lizzie Wamsley is a Public Relations major with a Human Development and Family Sciences minor at UGA. She is responsible for our promotional materials and our brand communications.

Quick, Simple, Stunning

Open up a magical experience in just 3 easy steps

Pick Up a Card

Choose from a variety of colorful cards,
each tailored to a special occassion.

Scan the Code

To use the AR component,
just open the card and scan the code inside with your iPhone camera.

Enjoy the Show

View a live 3-D experience
in a matter of seconds.

Scan to Experience


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