A fish identification app for Georgia.

Fishes of Georgia

Our native iOS app is designed to meet the needs of our client, Dr. Byron Freeman. Dr. Freeman came to us with the vision of an app that would be able to identify the diverse species of fish is Georgia. Through extensive user research, UX design, and iterations of our solution, we delivered just that. Introducing: Fishes of Georgia, a native iOS app able to identify diverse fish species in Georgia. Users of Fishes of Georgia will be able to identify fish either by entering their scientific name or by using a quiz selection process to identify fish by key features. Take your fishing experience to the next level with Fishes of Georgia.

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Native iOS app

Fishes of Georgia


Identify fish by scientific name

Search using fishes' scientific names to get a comprehensive list of information and high quality images of that fish species to cross-reference.


Identify fish by feature

Use a decision tree to narrow down your search and learn relevant information about the species you are looking at.


Able to accessed anytime, anywhere

In a remote location? No problem. Our app can be accessed and used offline.


User-friendly experience

Our app is easy to navigate, with simple search features and organized information.

Meet the


Team Member Name

Ana Chirinos- UX/Design Lead

Ana Chirinos is a graduating senior in Cognitive Science. Fun fact: Ana loves to travel and has visited 15 countries.
Team Member Name

Erin Logsdon-Presenter/Researcher

Erin Logsdon is a senior Advertising major graduating in December. Fun fact: Erin is a dance minor.
Team Member Name

Andreas Marsh- Lead Software Developer

Andreas Marsh is a fourth year Computer Science major graduating in May. Fun fact: Andreas is a US and German Citizen.

Merryn Ruthling- Project Manager

Merryn Ruthling is a fourth year public relations major graduating in December. Fun fact: Merryn has flown a plane before.
Kate Sullivan headshot

Kate Sullivan- Visual Coordinator

Kate Sullivan is a senior Entertainment and Media Studies major. Fun fact: Kate can moonwalk.
Byron Freeman headshot

Byron Freeman-Client

Director of the Georgia Museum of Natural History. Fun Fact: Bryon likes fish.
Easy and Fast

Use our app in 3 easy steps... It's that simple!

Open our user-friendly app on your iPhone.

Fishes of Georgia is a native iOS app

Search Fish by scientific name

If you are an experienced fisherman, go ahead
and search by the scientific name!

Search fish by quiz selection process

Use a quiz selection process to narrow down
the species of fish you have caught.


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